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Your river cruise adventure awaits! Each cruise is specially curated for the interests of the guests and their group.  All cruises include tours, an array of amenities, entertainment, dining, and other services. Several of our featured river cruises are below. For the full fleet of destinations -- Europe, Africa, Colombia -- visit our exclusive river cruise website and let us know which journey you wish to go bon voyage!


Colombia & the Magdalena River

Uncover the wonders of Colombia and the Magdalena River. Be immersed in history and culture, food and wine, locally produced rum,  world music, etc.


Paris & Normandy Wine Cruise

This authentic epicurean adventure allows you to taste your way through Northern France -- local wines, apple cider, pommeau, etc.


Taste of Bordeaux Wine Cruise

France’s legendary wine capital, Bordeaux! Hosted by a dedicated wine expert. This journey is a must for anyone interested in the best of French wine and cuisine.


Exclusive Concierge Golf Program

Golf at world-class courses. Once on the course, you only need to play golf — tee time, practice balls and golf cart prepared in advance, clubs cleaned and ready for the next course.

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