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Events at Sea

Updated: Feb 10

Set a new course and come about by hosting your next event or meeting as sea! Be center stage on an awesome ship, with a great destination, customizable event space, state-of-the-art technology, etc. Build success, recharge, improve relationships, network, and much more.

You set the agenda; choose packages and itineraries that suit your group. We help you accomplish your goals in collaboration with your directives and the ship’s staff. There are many destinations and cruise dates for you to choose from.

Venue Space. The cruise ship is your floating venue with unique space for your use. We do the planning to insure that the cruise line, the ship and the space is the right fit for your event at sea. A multitude of resources and amenities readily available for a successful event at sea.

Who Meets at Sea. When your group book their cruise they receive the accommoda-tions, meals, activities, and onboard entertainment. The additional options that you select for your group are also available to them.

A variety of groups -- business, church, civic, community, social -- host events at sea for the engaging atmosphere. Your event may be for a business, a church fundraiser, marriage retreat, alumni or family group, etc. Events and meetings which we are readily prepared to make the arrangements include:

Board Meetings

Executive Retreats


Seminars & Workshops

Alumni & Family

Church & Ministry

Civic & Community


Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Retirement

Retreats & Reunions

Contact Travel With Serenity or (770) 685-4398 for your GROUP event at sea.

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