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Walk In Jesus Footsteps!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

What a epic journey to the Holy Land! This was my second journey was more exciting than ever!

We flew from Atlanta to Newark for a pre-stay in New York/New Jersey! This was a FAM trip, travel agent training. This was my second Holy Land journey, but with a different supplier. The supplier definitely proved to be "superior"!

Tel Aviv. We arrived and were met at the airport by our tour guide, Abraham. Yes, Abraham! We were transferred to our hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

The Sea of Galilee. After breakfast a short walk to the dock and sailing the Sea of Galilee. My roommate, one on the worship leaders was appointed as a pastor two months before our departure.

Baptism In the Jordan River. Many group members were baptized.

Cana, Nazareth & Jacob's Webb. We visited Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle where He turned the water into wine and on to Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home. We stopped at Jacob's Well where Jesus encountered the woman at the well.

Jericho, Quram & Mount of Olives. In Jericho we saw the City ruins and the tradi-tional site of the Temptation of Jesus. On to Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We posed for a group picture at the Mount of Olives, where Jesus ascended into heaven. The "Golden City" of Jerusalem in the background. We walked through the Garden of Gethsemane and gazed upon the ancient olive trees.

Jerusalem & Bethlehem. We visited the cave revered as Jesus’ birthplace and the Church of the Nativity. We meditated on the events of the Last Supper and visited the traditional location of the Upper Room. [Photo is from my first Holy Land visit.]

Jerusalem the Old City. We explored ancient Jerusalem and walked the Via Dolorosa. At the Western Wall, men on the left and women on the right. The Wall is on a lower level from the Temple Mount, Rock of the Dome. We also sat on the Teaching Steps.

Masada & The Dead Sea. We ascended by cable car to Masada, Herod’s legendary mountaintop fortress. After camel rides we immersed in the Dead Sea.

Communion At the Garden Tomb. We toured the Garden Tomb, had communion, celebrated of His Resurrection. My roommate helped with the communion.

A Must Visit! If you have not visited the Holy Land, now is the time to plan. You can book a group or join a group. No amount of photos, videos or written accounts can substitute for the actual experience!

For Your Holy Land Experience!

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