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Over the Water Luxury!

Updated: Jul 4

Are you ready for your exclusive luxury over the water vacation? Then you are in the right place. You do not need to go far to get there there are several overwarter resort in the Caribbean that lead to paradise. Plan now for us to book your epic all-inclusive over the water experience of a lifetime. Be prepared to walk out the door and dive into the beautiful ocean beneath you. You choose the destination and we will make all the arrangements. So grab that special someone, pack and go!

Each overwater resort has unique features that are totally mesmerizing as they hover above the Caribbean’s turquoise waters. Become immersed in a signature soaking tub for two, an over-the-water hammock, outdoor shower, a patio with a swim-up platform, etc. A five star gourmet experience, cuisine, entertainment, premium beverages, landsports, watersports, butlers (depending on room selection), and more to enhance your experience. Oh, did we forget the glass floor with an awesome view of the sea . . . .

If you are faint at heart and do not wish to vacation over the water there are beachfront, poolside, garden view, and lagoon rooms to meet your preferece. Just ask and Travel With Serenity! Preview

Book Your Paradise! When ready for your piece of paradise, complete this inquiry form.

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