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All Aboard!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Wow, your epic bucket list rail adventure is waiting at the station!

Get your much needed vacation and connect from one city to another, spectacular landscapes and national parks? When you hear "all aboard" ride off into the sunset for your epic experience -- rail travel, onboard accommodations, hotels, and city tours; add additional days and tours.

Let’s Ride

Get onboard and ride until you can’t ride anymore! Relax, enjoy, embrace the breathtaking scenery, exquisite cuisine, accommodations, and dynamic destinations. Take your car or bike depending on the train and route.

Seating Accommodations. Coach Class, Business Class, First Class, and Accessible Seating based on the train and route. Large reclining seats, panoramic windows, etc.

Sleeping Accommodations. Get a good night’s sleep in the private sleeping car. Accommodations include priority boarding, meals, major station lounge access, a Car Attendant, and other amenities. You can select from a roomette, bedroom or family bedroom which are available on most trains.

Dining. Most trains have one or more options and special dietary needs are addressed. Sleeping car customers receive complimentary meals. Coach class customers may purchase meals in the Dining Car. Spirits are also available for your enjoyment. Kids also have their favorite menu.

Where To?

There’s a multitude of awesome destinations for all groups. You will definitely discover awe-inspiring landscapes, natural beauty and rich cultural attractions. Below are a few of the many dynamic USA departures or you can request a customized itinerary for your on track adventure.

Call to Action

Contact us for your free planning call, (770) 685-4398, or via Travel With Serenity for your epic rail adventure!

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