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Rome & The Amalfi Coast

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Get ready to explore the awesome treasures of Rome and the sensational Amalfi Coast for your trip to Italy. Consider hopping while in Europe and merge this segment with Paris & Champagne. Venice & Florence, or an extended tour of Europe. However you prefer we will make it happen.

Rome is one of the world's most visited cities and the 1960 Summer Olympics host. Vatican City, the smallest country, is inside Rome. The earlier you book the better options for direct flights and seat selections. Who want to be stuck in the middle?

In this curated vacation you have the freedom to choose your activities. Do as much or as little as you desire. Go where you want, when you want and do it your way!

Ciao, you've arrived! Let the games begin! Your flight landed, your transfer is waiting and you arrived at your hotel. Be sure you informed travel advisor if you prefer the ambiance of an American brand/ affiliated or European hotel. A central location is a great, accessible to main points.

Being excited you found a quaint café for lunch and roamed for fresh air and the Spanish Steps. You really walked to the designer outlet shops – Gucci, Dior, Dolce, Gabbana. Since you are in Rome, so shop! Now, too tired to walk so get one of the shopkeepers to hail a taxi to your hotel. You had dinner at a nearby and retired for the night.

Thanks to your travel advisor your hotel is near the train station. You are railing to the Amalfi Coast in the a.m. Upon return no taxi needed and be glad you are not driving on the left side of the road. The train return is like the Super Bowl ending and your team lost! The so call winners are dancing in the street and don't care they are blocking your path. What would you win winning? There would be a party going on! You walk the short distance to your hotel and leave them in their state of confusion!

The Amalfi Coast. After breakfast you walk to the train station to meet your guide and tour group. All aboard for the Amalfi Coast by high speed train to Naples. You will likely visit a cheesemaker, Positano, Amalfi, see the cliff houses, etc. Did you buy souvenirs, limoncello or a stunning lemony outfit?

Rome Hop On Hop Off. It's another day and you start with the bus tour. You know where to go because your travel advisor booked your hotel near the train station, a hop on stop and the tour office. You checked in as advised upon arrival with the tour office. You also asked for directions. It is suggested to acquire directions inside the hotels, restaurants, etc. and walk with a purpose because you know where to go.

On the bus you will get tune your mental GPS navigator tuned on the Colosseum, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Barberini, Trevi Fountain where you toss a coin for good luck; several eateries and shopping nearby.

This is your day to Rome free. That does not mean you hop off at the Spanish Steps near the outlet shops that you ventured to on day one. Being you, you will hop off because there is something you forget. Let no get in your way, you are the great warrior, fight your way through! You deserve it! You work hard, so play hard!

Rome is an easy city to walk so be sure to bring your walking shoes or buy another pair.:) Don't pack as if you were coming to America!

Cooking Class. There are some awesome hand-on culinary classes and you will dine on your very own creations -- Italian pasta, pizza, tiramisu, etc. This is a great end of the day experience! There is much to do and the length of your stay is up to you.

Florence by Train. After breakfast head to the station; day trip to Florence, the hop on hop off stop is near the station. You have already vetted the tour and know your select stops. Do visit the Gallery of the Academy of Florence to see Michelangelo’s David. Be sure your travel advisor purchase prearranged admissions.

Florence is an excellent shopping destination, especially for leather goods. Do not overdo the libations, Find the historic gelato shop and enjoy yourself before heading to the station via hop on hop off bus.

Enjoy your return trip to Rome. The iron horse is not accustomed to waiting. So be not on time, be well ahead of time!

Rome, Vatican City, Colosseum. Decide on your mode of transit and meet your guide to begin touring at the Roman Forum. Continue walking through history as you enter through the Colosseum Gladiator's Gate and onto the Arena floor. The tour guides will provide intricate details that may not be in the history books. You will feel like a gladiator when you leave the Colosseum, as if "Scottie" beamed you back in time.

Thereafter, break for lunch and onto Vatican City for the Vatican Museums. You will be glad you're not standing in the long line wrapped around the City's wall. View the frescos and gaze the magnificent Sistine Chapel. On to St. Peter's Square, the Swiss Guard and the Basilica of St. Peter where St. Peter and other Bishops are entombed.

There's a post office in one of the shops bordering St. Peter's Square. It is best to purchase postcards near your hotel, write and address them the night before. You will be glad you are not waiting for a seat at the tables to write and buy new cards to replace the spoiled ones purchased at souvenir shop prices. The tour guide will be happy that you only need postage. Rule of thumb, don't leave home without your addresses. You will be amazed how dear family and friends appreciate cards posted from the Vatican. Alert, you will have to lick the stamps. Yes lick, unless there has been an upgrade in the past few years. Warning, sticker shock for postage fees!

Ciao! Have a farewell cocktail. Check out of your hotel and transfer to the airport. Depart Rome one date and arrive home the same date.

Contact Travel With Serenity or (770) 685-4398 for your exclusive Rome & Amalfi Coast group trip. This is an experience you will never forget!

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