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A Rail Celebration!

All aboard -- anniversary, birthday, graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, retirement, etc.

Discover the USA from a different perspective. Connect from one city to another -- spectacular landscapes and national parks!

Seating Accommodations. Coach Class, First Class, and Accessible Seating based on the train and route. Large reclining seats, panoramic windows, etc.

Sleeping Accommodations. Select from a roomette, bedroom or family bedroom . . . .

Dining. Most trains have one or more options and address special dietary needs. Sleeping car customers receive complimentary meals. Coach class customers may purchase meals in the Dining Car. Spirits are also available for your enjoyment. Kids also have their favorite menu.

Where To?

Below are a few of the many dynamic rail vacations for you to select from and others are avaliable:

Call to Action

Just contact us to make the arrangements for your epic rail vacation, (770) 685-4398, or via Travel With Serenity!

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