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2024 Graduation Trips

It’s not too late to book that awesome 2024 graduation trip!

Make that 2024 graduation trip a very special celebration and an unforgettable experience -- school, college, university or professional! Name your choice and the destination and we will make the arrangements.

Guided Tour or Independent Vacation

Which do you prefer, a guided tour or an independent vacation? There are many amazing destinations -- Paris, Italy, Dubai, Hawaii, New Orleans, New York, Memphis -- and you only need to choose one or more. The guided tour is pre-arranged and the independent vacation allows you to customize and do it your way!

Guided Tour/Independent Vacation Inquire:


A tailor-made itinerary can make all the difference for graduation with a variety of activities -- music, shows, trivia contests, movies, dining, sightseeing excursions, and more. The right cruise line and the right ship is a winner! If your schedule is limited, a 3-, 4- or 5-day cruise. Several of the most sought after voyages are the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Mediterranean, etc. Inquire:


Experience the very pinnacle of an all-inclusive vacation. Be amongt the most gorgeous tropical settings and beaches – Jamaica, Punta Cana, Los Cabos, Aruba, etc. All-inclusive vacation include the resort, dining, beverages, entertainment, activities, etc. Inquire:

Inquire Now!

Please contact Travel With Serenity, or (770) 685-4398 for a free consultation.

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