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Puerto Rico: Adventure Galore!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Have you been pondering a visit to Puerto Rico? Then ponder no longer! This post focuses on the #island, #history, #culture, and things to do in Puerto Rico.

You will be amazed of the #adventure, mountains, beaches, and Caribbean waters that await your vacation or cruise pre-stay. Puerto Rico is known as the heart and soul of the Caribbean and the best way to experience the it is to immerse yourself in the food, drinks and music!

Take this pretest to assess your knowledge of Puerto Rico. As you venture through this post the questions will be answered and your excitement may overflow. There is something for everyone and it takes more than one day to explore.

  1. What type of activities area available in Puerto Rico?

  2. Puerto Rico created what famous cocktail, its national drink?

  3. Puerto Rico is known as the ___________ of the Caribbean.

  4. Puerto Rico has 70+distilleries that make ______.

  5. Which Caribbean island has the largest cruise home port?

  6. Which ingredient is usually in every Puerto Rican dish?

  7. Are learning and immersion activities available for student and youth groups?

A Foodie’s Paradise! Feast on mouthwatering dishes and beverages that quench your thirst. Do try the mofongo, the traditional dish--deep fried green plantains smashed with garlic and served with pork, creole, or garlic chicken, crab meat, skirt steak.

Make Your Own Sofrito. The one ingredient usually in every dish is sofrito. Puerto Rican dishes will wow your taste buds and take you on a gastronomical journey.

Foodie Tours. For a culinary experience indulge in the many foodie tours -- savory dishes, coffee, rum, and/or salsa dance lessons:

  1. Mofongo and Mojito Tour. Old San Juan walking tour; three-course meal. Make your own mofongo.

  2. Rum, Mixology & Salsa Tour. Rum history, sample a classic piña colada, make tropical cocktails, and a salsa dancing lesson.

  3. Sip & Savor Cocktail Tour. Cocktails and bar bites.

  4. Flavors of Puerto Rico Cooking Class

  5. Chinchorreo Bus Tour. Stops to drink and eat, off the beaten path.

Rums of Puerto Rico! It is the birthplace of the piña colada; local rum, pineapple and coconut milk. It is also the Rum Capitol of the world -- gold to white, spiced or dark! Award-winning brands -- Bacardí, Don Q, Ron del Barrilito. Learn about the 70+ Rums of Puerto Rico quality seal by touring and rum tasting at local distilleries.

Non-Stop Adventure! If you seek adventure then Puerto Rico should be on your list. It has a legacy of festivals, traditions, art, and music activities year round showcasing the history, culture, food, etc.

Puerto Rico is filled with colorful street murals, galleries and museums. Local artwork, a painting or hand-carved figurine make great gifts and souvenirs. Rather than writing about it the pictures above tell the story.

Free Trolley. Take the free Trolley and see the sights. Or flag down a garita in Old San Juan; golf cart vehicles with free rides to points of interests.

Dancing the Night Away! Don't leave home without your dancing shoes. It is going to be bigger than you know! You will be asked to dance! No wall flowers allowed! Even if your dance card is full, be prepared to double down and dance the night away!

Weddings & Honeymoons. Say “I do” and/or honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

Meetings. Host your meeting in one of the most technologically advanced convention centers in the Caribbean

Student & Youth Groups. Great destination for learning and cultural immersion.

Where to Stay. There is a variety of paradors (small hotels), resorts and historic hotels for your vacation or cruise pre-stay in the various regions of Puerto Rico.

Cruise Port. Puerto Rico has the largest Caribbean home port and is a great pre-stay locale before departure.

Contact Travel With Serenity when ready to to plan for you, your group, club, or organization.

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